Washington Heights CORNER Project

With the assistance of students from the Columbia University School of Nursing (CUSON), WHCP began our Women’s Wellness Initiative in January, 2011. During these weekly sessions, participants are provided with a healthy lunch, donated by Jou Jou Cafe, and discuss a variety of health topics in an open discussion group format. Some topics that are discussed include reproductive health, safer injection, nutrition and hypertension, relationships and communication. In addition to these topics, group members will have the opportunity to engage in other wellness activities, such as a trip to the movie theater and haircuts. During all sessions, Nikki Krempasky, Nurse Practitioner and CUSON alumni, will provide the opportunity for participants to receive low-threshold medical care if desired, including GYN exams, STI testing and prescriptions.

WHCP’s Women’s Wellness Initiative is always looking for women-specific donations including but not limited to women’s clothes and undergarments, unopened make-up, hygiene and hair care products as well as jewelry. If you are interested in making a donation to the Women’s Wellness Initiative please contact Jamie Favaro at 212-923-7600 x23.

How the Women’s Wellness Initiative began…
Three nursing students from the Columbia University School of Nursing initially came to WHCP to volunteer after learning about the CUHRON CORNER Clinic. Recognizing the motivation of the nursing students and the gap in women-specific services at WHCP, the students and WHCP Program Director Taeko Frost developed the Women’s Wellness Initiative. A needs assessment survey and focus group were conducted in the initial planning stages of the initiative to gain insight into the needs of WHCP’s female participants. Health and wellness topics for female participants can be particularly unique and may be discussed more openly in an environment of only women, particularly those related to sex work, discrimination and gender-based violence. In effort to improve accessibility to wellness and supportive services to female participants, the Women’s Wellness Initiative began.