icon144Access to free, sterile syringes is the cornerstone of our services.

WHCP operates as a New York State-licensed Syringe Exchange Program (SEP). Syringe exchange services are available at our 566 West 181st Street office location (on the SE corner of 181st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights, Northern Manhattan). WHCP also provides Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange at various times and in various locations in Northern Manhattan. Not uptown? Check out the list of other syringe exchange programs in New York State.

You can often find our outreach team providing Syringe Exchange:

  • In and around the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal
  • During scheduled outreach shifts in Hamilton Heights (see ‘Hamilton Heights Outreach Hours’ below)
  • Under the highway and on exit off-ramps of the George Washington Bridge, West Side Highway, and 181st Street Bridge
  • In SRO Hotels and Transitional Shelters
  • Near subway stops, fast food restaurants and in front of bodegas
  • On the street corners of Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights and Inwood
  • In other locations where drug users are known to congregate

Hamilton Heights Outreach Hours

Wednesdays, 3pm to 5pm on the street from 137th to 145th between Riverside Drive & Amsterdam Avenues

Fridays, 7pm to 9pm on the street from 142nd to 151st between Broadway & St Nicholas Avenue

Are you looking for us during those times? Call (800) 761-6990 to get an exact location or before that time and we’ll come to you!

Are you home-bound? Do you have difficulty coming to the WHCP office? Are you in a Shelter or Residence where there are drug users who could benefit from harm reduction supplies? We often provide delivery or ‘drop off’ services to participants in the Northern Manhattan community who can not or do not come to the WHCP office. Please call our 24-hour outreach line above.

Supplies provided by WHCP related to Safer Injection

Wide variety of hypodermic syringes
Sterile Water
Bottle Caps
Cottons (filters)
Antibiotic Ointment
Alcohol Pads
Vitamin C (for crack-cocaine injection)
Sharps containers of all sizes