OverdoseProtectionChance Krempasky, Nurse Practitioner, provides naloxone prescriptions and kits to participants

Over 60% of participants at our agency reported witnessing an overdose in the last year.

Half of them had a NARCAN kit and were able to save their life on the spot.

WHCP is a NYSDOH registered Opioid Prevention Program, we participate in S.K.O.O.P. (Skills and Knowledge on Overdose Prevention Project), an initiative of the Harm Reduction Coalition. WHCP and SKOOP partner to provide bilingual street-based overdose prevention skill-building and naloxone distribution to the friends and family of those who are at risk for overdose. Training is free and participants are provided tools that could be used to save a life while waiting for professional emergency responders.

If you would like Overdose Prevention training please consult our Calendar for the next training date (labeled “NARCAN Training”).