WHCP offers both individual and group harm reduction counseling services facilitated by Michele Stocknoff, LCSW. Individual sessions may focus on developing plans from participants’ goals into realistic, measureable and achievable outcomes.  Follow-up sessions may include goal revision, self-efficacy development and practical harm reduction-based support and education. The harm reduction group sessions meet weekly and is open to active substance users. Therapeutic topics, such as, but not limited to, safer injection, harm reduction budgeting, identifying and healing trauma, self-medication, and internalized stigma grief counseling are addressed.

Individual Counseling Sessions

Wednesdays from 10am-1pm & 3pm-5pm

All WHCP participants eligible; no appointment or insurance required.

*Appointments are available by calling (212) 923-7600 ext 110 or by request at the drop-in center reception desk*


Harm Reduction Group Sessions

Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm

All WHCP participants eligible to attend


About Michele

Mrs. Stocknoff earned a Master of Science in Social Work degree from Columbia University School of Social Work.  She has worked in harm reduction settings for over 10 years helping individuals make changes happen in their lives. She has extensive experience providing individual and group counseling services in syringe exchange programs. Michele is an advocate of quality mental health services for drug users. In addition to her private practice, she co-leads a monthly meeting of service providers called “The Harm Reduction and Mental Health Project.”