2013 banner CCCCUHRON- Columbia University Harm Reduction Outreach Network

“That was way more thorough than the exam I got before surgery.”– Participant at CORNER CUHRON Clinic

In 2008, three first-year medical students at the Columbia University School of Physicians & Surgeons started volunteering on outreach shifts with WHCP. These individuals went on to establish a student group, Columbia University Harm Reduction Outreach Network (CUHRON), to organize students around harm reduction. Over the past year, these students have been working with WHCP staff and colleagues at Columbia University affiliated clinics to attempt to coordinate an onsite medical student-run clinic at WHCP.

In August 2010, WHCP started a student-run medical clinic on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 6-8PM with the assistance of Dr. Carmen Dominguez, MD, who currently works as a family physician at Herman Denny Farrell, Jr., Community Health Center. Furthermore, for individuals who are in need of referrals for procedures or blood work that cannot be processed on site, Dr. Dominguez has a two-hour slot every fourth Tuesday of the month at her practice specifically for WHCP participants. WHCP’s MSW Interns are made available to personally escort individuals to these appointments.


Read about the CUHRON CORNER Clinic in the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University Journal

The benefits of providing medical services onsite are abundant; (a) participants are able to access free medical services at a site where they feel comfortable and without the worry of having ID, (b) medical students in the neighborhood have the opportunity to learn about the drug using community and how to work effectively with individuals with various medical conditions, and (c) WHCP can provide follow-up and increase compliance with referrals and appointments for participants.

This partnership is an invaluable service to both WHCP participants and future physicians who may be jointly involved in improving their well being and that of others.

Donations made to Washington Heights CORNER Project can be restricted to the CORNER CUHRON Clinic to fund additional medications and testing that are essential to participant care but have not been purchased due to fiscal constraints. These include, but are not limited to, medications for high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, family planning, testing for liver functioning, lipid profiles, PAP smears and additional STI testing. In addition, other items to be purchased include metro cards for participants to attend referral appointments to medical services off-site and nutritional incentives for the clinic hours.

If you would to make a restricted donation to Washington Heights CORNER project for the CUHRON CORNER Clinic, NYCharities allows for this option, you may also contact Executive Director Taeko Frost at 212-923-7600 x 123.