Advocay1Robert Suarez, Advocacy Liaison Robert Suarez advocating for improved access to hepatitis C treatment                

Social justice and advocacy is at the root of our work.

We work closely with Voices of Community Activists and Leaders (VOCAL-NY), Drug Policy Alliance, and Harm Reduction Coalition to participate in local, state, and national-level advocacy and awareness events on issues that affect the lives of the community we serve. This past year, our Advocacy Liaison Robert Suarez led participants and volunteers in engaging in activism around access to healthcare, hepatitis C prevention and treatment, overdose prevention, and equitable housing. In the last year, we participating in events supporting expansion to naloxone to prevent overdose, the 30% rent cap for HIV/AIDS housing, 911 Good Samaritan law which promotes calling emergency services in the case of overdose, preventing stop and frisk, and federal support for syringe exchange. We value our work on the ground and know that policy has a direct impact on these services.